The 3 Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

Whether you are buying your first home or you are a seasoned homeowner, there is one part of the purchasing process that you should never skip – the home inspection.  It is rare for a home inspection to come back completely free of issues, so you should anticipate there to be some findings on the report, regardless of whether you are purchasing a brand-new property or not.  If nothing shows up on the report, great! – but that is typically the exception, not the rule.

So, if you are expecting something to show up on the report, what kind of things should you keep an eye out for?  Below are the top three most common issues found during home inspections in the Chicago area.  The next time you are looking over your report, check to see if any of these issues were uncovered during the inspection.

Plumbing Issues

It likely comes as no surprise that one of the top issues found during a home inspection are plumbing problems.  Issues with the plumbing are a high priority fix, as potential water damage from old or outdated plumbing systems can become very costly if not addressed.  If signs of water damage are found during the inspection, a more thorough investigation may need to be conducted.  If you see signs of leaky pipes, low water pressure, slow drains, or other plumbing-related red flags, be sure to carefully read over that section of your report.

Roofing Problems

It is very common for roofing problems to show up on a home inspection.  Much like plumbing issues, roof issues often lead to water damage, which is never convenient and often complicated and costly to fix.  Given that your roof is highly exposed to all outdoor elements, it is expected that it should sustain some damage over time.  As your home ages, so too do the materials that cover your roof.  You should plan to replace the shingles at least once during the ownership of your home, and if the roof was improperly maintained by a previous owner, you can probably anticipate additional roofing issues to show up on the inspection report.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Electrical issues are some of the most dangerous.  While mostly a problem in older homes, newer homes are not exempt from having faulty wiring issues.  Modern houses are wired to meet specific codes and standards, but this is certainly not the case with houses that were built prior to the 1960s.  To ensure that your home will be safe from any potential electrical safety hazards, getting the wiring checked out during your inspection is vital.  Look out for any damaged or exposed wiring, outdated electrical panels, and nonfunctional switches or outlets on your report, and make sure to address these issues right away.

Do recall that a home inspection is a visual and non-invasive inspection.  Using training, experience, and tools will help your inspector identify the telltale signs of potential problems.  If the report suggests a closer, and even potentially an invasive, evaluation by a specialized tradesman, take the recommendation seriously, either immediately or the near future.  New issues will always happen, but to have repair expense from something that was previously identified would be unfortunate.

Make sure you call in the experts when scheduling a home inspection.  The team at Informed Home Inspections will provide you with a thorough, comprehensive inspection, and follow up with a detailed report of our findings.  You can schedule your inspection online or call us today at 847-616-1734.