3 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Before You Buy

When you’re buying a new home in the Chicago area, it’s natural to get caught up in the excitement of such a big and important decision, especially if it’s your first home. But with such a life-changing decision, it is necessary to make sure you do not get too caught up and you still make sure to check off all the boxes of purchasing such a large investment.

While a home inspection is not a prerequisite to purchasing, it is a very wise choice to make. Having a home inspection performed will help you uncover potential problems within the home that might not be easily recognized. It can also be used as a contingency in the buying process. If defects are discovered during the inspection process and the inspection contingency is in your contract with the seller, you have the ability to renegotiate or back out of your offer within a certain time frame.

Here are three great reasons to get your home inspected by a professional home inspector like Informed Home Inspections before fully committing to the purchase contract.

A Home Inspection Provides You with Knowledge

When it comes to making a large investment like a home purchase, the more you know, the better off you will be. Getting a home inspection performed allows you to better appreciate what it is you are buying. The more you know in advance, the fewer chances there will be for surprises down the road.

While the façade and layout of a home can cause you to fall in love with it, there may be looming ugly problems. What may not be visible to the untrained eye are issues that can end up costing a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. By knowing what maybe hiding behind the appealing exterior, you will be better prepared for the years to follow as the owner.

A Home Inspection Gives You Negotiation Power

Anyone can point out issues with a home, but a well prepared and documented report from a professional and licensed inspector will be far more effective in final negotiations with the seller. To ensure the repairs are done correctly, the negotiation will often include that all repairs are completed by licensed tradesmen and that paid invoices need to be provided.

A Home Inspection is Cost-Effective

You might think that with all the expenses that are factored into the purchase of a home, why bother with spending an additional several hundred dollars that is not required? The truth is that the cost of a home inspection will actually save you significantly in the long-run if any problems are discovered. If you purchase a home without an inspection and discover a previously concealed problem a few months down the road, you will incur all the costs of those repairs, as opposed to having them corrected or a credit provided at closing for cost of the repairs.

Although you may want to save where you can, a home inspection should not be where you cut corners. By making the small investment up front, you can save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and additional money. Additionally, if only a few or minor items are found, you can move into your new home with peace of mind, knowing that it’s a well-built home.

For a comprehensive home evaluation, call the expert team at Informed Home Inspections. Our process will catch common defects, and we will educate you about the home you are buying, so that you have a plan for any future maintenance that may be required. Schedule your inspection online or call us today at 847-616-1734.

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