Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspections

This is our typical home inspection that catches common defects so you understand the investment you are about to make. We will educate you about your new house, provide some tips, and allow you to create a plan for future maintenance and replacements.

11-Month Warranty Inspections

We hope you’re truly enjoying your new home. Chances are, you’ve worked hard to be able to build a house and you will spend many years there making wonderful memories. As you approach the one-year anniversary of your home build, you will likely have one last chance to bring up any issues you have noticed. 

Radon Testing

Radon is colorless, odorless, and extremely carcinogenic (cancer-causing). It can affect homes anywhere in the US, and the only way to check for elevated levels of radon in your home is with testing. DIY tests are available, but we recommend professional testing for peace of mind. The EPA even recommends testing homes with an active Radon removal system in place and running.

Sewer Scopes

Sewer Scope Inspections provide a documented look at the condition of the sewer lateral from the house to the municipal sewer, identifying blockage from tree roots, cracked or broken pipes, and blockages of other kinds. Future problems and repairs are not only inconvenient but very costly.

New Construction Inspections

New construction homes need an objective third-party to inspect. The city or county inspectors often don’t catch everything. Just because it is new doesn’t always mean it is right, or couldn’t be better. Code is only a baseline expectation.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Any home, no matter how well built, will have some items of concern, and some can be a source of contention between the buyer and seller. Eliminating these in advance, or at least knowing of their existence and creating a prepared response, makes that stressful period much smoother. For this reason, more listing agents are recommending, and sellers are seeking, a pre-listing inspection. If an inspection reveals a problem, it can be remedied or at least fully explored for best and most cost-efficient solutions, eliminating the potential future stress.

Annual Inspections

A home maintenance inspection can be a great defense to a healthier, safer, and happier home. Place this inspection on your list every 3-5 years and make it a part of your regular home maintenance routine.

Your Investment is Safe with Us!

More than just a home warranty, your inspections are covered under RecallChek.

Alerts the homebuyer/owner of any manufacturer recalls on the major appliances. This service is valid for life!

You need a professional you can depend on even after the job is done. That’s why all inspections are backed with a 90 Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty.

For up to 90 days following the date of inspection, if you move into your new home and mold is present that was not found when inspected, you’re covered for remediation.

With every full home inspection, we have Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard- the world leader in underground repair coverage

Covers the repair of roof leaks for 5 years from the home inspection date